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Urban Arrow accessoires

Is your Urban Arrow raintent worn out, ripped or even stolen? Check our our very cool raintent suitable for the Urban Arrow Family line.

Urban Arrow Cargo Bike

Urban Arrow cargo bikes have revolutionized urban transport, offering a sustainable, efficient, and flexible solution for city dwellers. Their robust design, electric assist, and spacious cargo hold make them ideal for everything from grocery runs to school drop-offs. 

Accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing these bikes, offering added protection, comfort, and functionality. Whether it's shielding your cargo from the elements or ensuring your child's safety and comfort, the right accessories can transform your biking experience.

Covers for Urban Arrow Bikes

Protect your Urban Arrow bike with our range of covers. Tailored to fit perfectly, these covers shield your bike from weather, dust, and scratches. Crafted from high-quality materials, our "Urban Arrow custom covers" ensure long-term protection, keeping your cargo bike in pristine condition.

They are an essential accessory for any Urban Arrow owner looking to extend the life and maintain the appearance of their bike.

Child seats for Urban Arrow

Safety and comfort go hand in hand with Qiewie’s specially designed "Urban Arrow child seats." Perfect for the urban parent on-the-go, these seats ensure your little one enjoys the ride as much as you do. 

They come with robust safety features, cushioned seating, and adjustable straps, making every trip a worry-free adventure. Embrace "safe biking with kids" with these innovative additions to your Urban Arrow bike.

Rain Tents for Urban Arrow

No weather is too harsh for our "Urban Arrow rain tents." Designed to offer ultimate protection against rain, wind, and sun, these rain tents are a must-have for all-weather riders. 

Their robust build ensures your cargo stays dry and secure, no matter the weather conditions. With these "all-weather biking accessories," you can confidently embark on your urban adventures, rain or shine.

Why Choose Qiewie for Your Urban Arrow Accessories?

At Qiewie, we don’t just sell accessories; we enhance your urban cycling experience. Our commitment to quality, customer service, and a comprehensive range of products tailored for Urban Arrow bikes sets us apart. Trust Qiewie for all your Urban Arrow accessory needs and transform your cargo bike into a versatile urban transporter.

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