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Why do I need a cover?

If you're a cargo bike owner, protecting your bike from the elements is essential. One way to do this is by investing in a cargo bike cover. Cargo bike covers are designed to protect your bike from rain, wind, dust, and other harsh weather conditions.

Waterproof and UV-resistant cover

They are waterproof and UV-resistant, providing a high level of protection against the elements. Our Qiewie cargo bike covers are designed to fit nicely over the entire bike.

Expend the life of your bike

Using a cargo bike cover can help to extend the life of your bike by protecting it from rust, corrosion, and other forms of damage. The cover can also help to keep your bike clean, reducing the amount of time and effort required for maintenance.

Secure your bike

In addition to protecting your bike, cargo bike covers can also provide security. When your bike is covered, it is less visible to potential thieves, making it less likely to be targeted. Our Qiewie cargo bike covers even come with a special designed hole for your chain lock.

Babboe rain cover

The Babboe rain covers can be used universally to protect your Babboe cargo bike. The rain cover is suitable for the Babboe Curve, City and Big cargo bike.

Bicycle covers of high quality

Qiewie's cargo bike rain covers are high quality. They are UV-resistant and waterproof and you get a 6-month warranty. The elastic of the rain cover ensures a perfect fit around the cargo bike. 

Buy cargo bike cover

In conclusion, if you're a cargo bike owner, investing in a cargo bike cover is a smart decision. It provides protection from the elements, enhances security, and can help you save money in the long run. So why wait? Shop for a cargo bike cover today at Qiewie and start enjoying the benefits of protecting your valuable cargo bike.

Frequently asked questions rain cover cargo bike

What is a rain cover for a cargo bike and why do I need one?

A rain cover for a cargo bike is a protective cover placed over the body of your cargo bike to protect it from rain, wind and other weather conditions. It also protects your cargo from moisture. It is essential for keeping your cargo bike and cargo dry during rainy weather.

Does a rain cover fit every cargo bike?

Not all rain covers are universal. They can be different sizes and shapes, so it is important to choose a rain cover specifically designed for your type of cargo bike. Check the specifications and measure your cargo bike to get the right size.

Are rain covers for cargo bikes waterproof?

Yes, most rain covers for cargo bikes are made of waterproof material, such as nylon or polyester, and have taped seams to ensure they are waterproof.

How do I attach a rain cover to my cargo bike?

The installation method may vary depending on the make and model of the rain cover, but generally they are pulled over the cargo bike's bucket and secured with elastic straps, Velcro or straps. Follow the instructions provided for best results.

Can I remove and store a rain cover when I don't need it?

Yes, most rain covers for cargo bikes are designed to be easily removed and stored when not in use. This is convenient for sunny days.

Are there rain covers that are suitable for multiple weather types, such as wind and snow?

Yes, some rain covers provide additional protection from wind and can also protect against snow. Check the product description to see what weather conditions the cover can withstand.

Can I take my children in the cargo bike's cargo box if the rain cover is installed?

Yes, you can usually take your children with you in the cargo bike's cargo box when the rain cover is installed. Make sure the cover is properly attached and your children are securely fastened in child seats or seat belts.

Are rain covers for cargo bikes durable?

The durability of a rain cover depends on the brand and quality of the material. Qiewie's high-quality rain covers will last for years with proper use and maintenance.

Can I leave my cargo bike with rain cover outside?

Although rain covers are designed to protect your cargo bike from rain, it is usually better to keep your cargo bike inside or under a shelter when not in use. This extends the life of both the cargo bike and the cover.

Are there alternative ways to protect my cargo bike from rain if I don't have a rain cover?

If you don't have a rain cover, you might consider putting a waterproof blanket or tarp over your cargo bike and securing it securely to prevent rain from reaching the bin. However, this is usually not as effective as a specially designed rain cover.